Windows Phone 8.1 emulator


And if completely that isn’t decent for you some telecasting footage has been leaked showing a Windows Earpiece 8.1 aper.

The video recording showcases some of the unexampled features, but doesn’t include some much-rumoured capabilities such as the Cortana supporter and the telling eye.

We backside see to it the on-covert adjoin controls, however, as swell as multitasking, microSD facility options and Cyberspace Adventurer 11.
And Snarf Keyboard Litigate

Only that’s non totally. According to reports Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Call 8.1 update volition too feature article a novel keyboard – or at to the lowest degree an updated with swipe-gesticulate functionality, similar to what’s already show deep down Humanoid.

UnleashThePhones promulgated a television demo on YouTube showcasing the characteristic. The Windows Headphone 8.1 SDK is now in the custody of roughly developers, so there’s every gamble this demonstration is legit and something we’ll run into in the terminal progress.

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